“90-Minute Met” Adventure

Maximize your time in New York! Have  fun and See the entire Met in 90 Mind Boggling Minutes!


On PopSpots Tours lightning tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, walk (at a normal pace) our secret path through all 16 buildings that make up the Met and see the “greatest hits” of each of the collections, along with some oddities worthy of Ripley!

We’ll visit the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman collections as well as the Impressionists and Modern Art. It’s the best way to get a detailed overview of this world-famous museum. 

By tour’s end, you will have seen more of the Met than even most New Yorkers, who say, “I’ve been here 20 times before but never saw as much as what I saw on this tour.” For more specifics ….read below…

$47 – adults

$35 – 18 and under

$40 – Seniors 65 and Over /

$35 – Non-NYC College Students

$30 – NYC College Students /

(All prices INCLUDE Met admission price for people on guided tours which are: adults $22; seniors $15;  Non-NYC College students and those 18 and under: $10; and NYC college students $5)

If you have a group of up to 25 guests, we can accommodate you – Email us to discuss at popspotstours@gmail.com.


A Grand Tour of the 16 main buildings that make up the Met, and an Irreverent  look at the countless cool treasures within, including:.
– Katy Perry, Will Ferrell, and Lena Dunham look-a-like artworks.
– The 360-degree painting that surrounds you.
– Where  a scene of “When Harry Met Sally” was filmed with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal.
– 197-year-old Egyptian grifitti (“Leonardo 1820”) inscribed on a gigantic 25-foot tall Egyptian stone temple that was transported from the Nile River.
– Several artworks depicted in the popular kid’s novel  about the Met: “The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.”
– A 4-foot-tall stuffed reindeer covered in over 500 varying sized glass balls!
– Stand inside the replica of  an actual living room designed by Frank Lloyd Wright like the one in the movie, “North by Northwest.”
– See a cat-shaped marble coffin that encases a mummified cat!
– Stand next to the largest freestanding musical instrument on the planet –  from a remote Polynesian island.
– See giant primitive tribal artwork  bought in New Guinea  by a millionaire who was later rumored to have been eaten by cannibals.
– The actual Henry the 8th’s suits of armor from when he was thin. . . then, later,  after he gained 1o0 pounds).
– A 6-foot body shield used in battle in the “Robin Hood era” – with holes in it from actual battle arrows.
– A 7-foot long rifle.
– A  Fabregé “Imperial Eastern Egg’ created for the Czar of Russia.
– The oldest artifact in the Met – a 300,000-year-old flint used to skin animals.
– An authentic Japanese Samurai warrior body armor from the 1700’s.
– A bedroom from 1700’s Venice, Italy, with 32 life-size cherubs seeming to float like helium balloons against the ceiling. 
– One man’s billion dollar art collection.
– A recreated meditation garden from a rich man’s house in 1700’s China that you enter through a circular door – and feel that you’ve stepped back in time.
– The inside of a bedroom that was once buried in ashes from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii in 79 AD.  
– The giant painting of George Washington and his troops crossing the Delaware filled with over a dozen historical inaccuracies.
– An 1880’s portrait of notorious “Madame X” by Sargent, a painting considered so scandalous that Sargent had to repaint one of her dress straps. 
– A room full of priceless Vermeers.
–  A study for Rodin’s “The Thinker” like the one Dobie Gillis used to ponder under on the 50’s tv show “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.” 
– A study for the painting that the Broadway play “Sunday in the Park with George” is based on.
– A room guarded by two giant  10-foot-tall Assyrian Winged Horses 

. . .and that’s only the beginning. 

Its an adventure you will remember always!