PopSpots Rock Music and Movie Sights Tours/ The Amazing "90-Minute-Met" Adventure

Our tours include the 100 Folk, Rock & Movie Sights of Legendary Greenwich Village, 100 Rock Music & Movie Sights of Central Park, and an Offbeat Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Greatest Hits" in 90 Unforgettable Minutes.

Walk “In the footsteps of Legends” with PopSpots Tours!

On PopSpots Tours, you’ll get to know New York City through some of the greatest rock stars, albums, movies, and pop culture moments of all time.

Bob Egan, Pop Culture Detective and founder of PopSpotsNYC.com which lists over 200 music locations, will take you through spectacular Central Park or down the small funky backstreets of Greenwich Village where some of the greatest moments of folk, rock and film took place. You’ll be equipped with a color photocopy of historic photos and record album covers of the very spots you are in with the legends that you know and love.

For the “90-Minute Met” tour, instead of aimlessly wandering the Met and getting lost and tired, walk the greatest hits path he’s designed to take you through all 16 collections of the Met – then go back and spend time with your favorite works of art – or hit the cafe! Even New Yorkers who’ve been to the Met countless times are amazed at what they missed!